PDA Newland N7000R-II Android Smartphone 5″ lector 2D CMOS imager BT Cuna de carga y comunicaciones

Terminal Movil Profesional Newland mod. N7000R-II Android Smartphone PDA 5″ lector 2D CMOS imager BT, Wi-Fi (dual band), 4G, GPS, Camara

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N7000R-II-0 PDA Newland N7000R-II Android Smartphone 5″ lector 2D

Ruggedized Android Smartphone PDA 5″ touch screen (Black) with 2D CMOS imager & BT, Wi-Fi (dual band), 4G, GPS, Camera (OS Android 5.1) Incl. USB cable, battery and charging cradle with multiplug adapter. Newland Buckets MDM software included


BT105 Cinta sujección 40mm x 150cm parar funda N7000

Belt 40mm x 150cm for holster

CDN7000R Cuna de Carga y Comunicaciones para terminal N7000R-II

Cradle for N7000R charging & communication. Incl. USB cable and multiplug adapter.

HS105 Funda para MT65 MT90 N2S N5S N5000 N7000 y PT60 series

Holster for MT65, MT90, N2S, N5S, N5000, N7000 and PT60 series

MC105 Clip de cinturón de metal para funda N7000

Metal-Beltclip for holster

MS105 Correa de montaje para funda para carretilla N7000

Mounting strap for holster (for Forklifts)

NS105 Correa sujeccion de 135cm para funda N7000

Neck strap 135cm for holster

PT105 Protector para funda N7000

Protection Tab for holster

RC105 Clip giratorio para funda N7000

Rotating clip for holster


Industrial smartphone design.

The N7000R-ll runs on Android 7.0 and contains Newland’s smallest 2D scanning engine, allowing for seamless integration in the smartphone form factor.

Powerful scanning performance.

The N7000R-ll has a high performance 1D and 2D barcode reader that ensures speed, and a bright laser aimer that makes scanning accurate and simple.

Optimal connectivity.

Staying connected while in the field is no problem with the N7000R-ll. It supports a 4G network and dual band Wi-Fi, 802.11 a/b/g/n (dual band 2.4 Ghz/5Ghz). The device also has a dual SIM option, allowing you to use the most suitable provider available wherever you go.

Large memory.

With 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, you will be able to upload all the necessary applications to fulfill everyday needs.
Built to survive demanding environments.
No matter the environment, the N7000R-ll offers you a reliable solution. With IP67 sealing, it is highly protected from dust and moisture. The device is water-proof at depths of up to 1.5m and can operate in temperatures from -20°C to 55°C.

Crystal clear display.

The N7000R-ll has a 5 inch 720P high quality display, with a capacitive touch screen that supports gloved fingertip input. Despite its size, the design of the device allows you to comfortably work with one hand.







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